Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen appear to be getting friendly: The unlikely twosome have met up at least twice this week while the former Tour de France champ is in town for the New York Marathon, sources tell PEOPLE.

The pair first shared a special moment on Monday night, getting close at the Rose Bar inside the Gramercy Park Hotel. (The rendezvous was well-documented in New York's newspapers on Wednesday.)

An observer tells PEOPLE: "Lance was hanging with her, definitely. [Olsen] was very flirtatious, and was sitting on his lap."

Another source said Olsen was with a group and "hanging out, having a good time."

Armstrong, 36, and Olsen, 21, reunited again in the wee hours Wednesday at hip restaurant the Waverly Inn. (Armstrong was there earlier that evening with Texas pal Owen Wilson.)

The retired cyclist and fashion designer Tory Burch recently broke up after a year-long relationship. A rep for Armstrong had no comment.

October 31, 2007 Ashley Olsen has a new, older man. The 21-year-old twin showed up to the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel Monday night with Tory Burch's ex, Lance Armstrong, 36. Our bar spy said, "They came together with a group of friends. Ashley drank red wine, sat on his lap and they were making out all night. They left together around 2 a.m." Armstrong has been spending more time in town since he bought a home here. Another source said, "He tried to make Tory happy when they were dating by buying a place here, but she couldn't deal with him not actually living in the same city, so they broke up." Olsen's rep didn't return calls.

This is not the news I needed today. I thought Lance and I were meant to be.


SLO-Diggity said...

Dude...I'm totally with you on this one. Not only is Lance perfect for you, the Olsen twins are impish fashion disasters with no real purpose in the world. Seriously dude...I don't even know what to say.

kat said...

sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. apparently they've were making out all night.

guess it could be worse though. he could have chosen mary kate over ashley.

Colleen Renee' said...

Either way Kat....not cool. Makes me sad.