Sunday, September 28, 2008

ACL. 2008. Done.

I know my regular readers are waiting for my ACL review. Three days of FUN. I need some time to rest and recover for sure. Stay tuned.

Friday, September 26, 2008

ACL- 2008 Here WE COME!!!

Oh's that time again. Yes it is. Got to see a Private show of Blues Traveler last night....I to want me! Good stuff. Alida is in town. Stephanie arrives very soon!! Girl time. Good music. Great beer...(I promise Bill I will watch Stepanie's intake since she is in serious Half Ironman training...I promise)

On the schedule for today?

Vampire Weekend
Freddy Jones Band
Jenny Lewis
G Love and Special Sauce
Manu Chao

Stay tuned for some reviews of all things ACL.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Great weekend...ACL here I come!!!

I had a great end of the week into the weekend.....happy days folks, happy days...

Finished up at my week at the LAF where there is a lot of excitement and buzz over "going global." Check out this video at this LINK if you get the chance. It is an 8 minute video on Stigma and Silence: Global Perceptions on Cancer. Research that was done and now put on for Lance at the Clinton Global Initiative on is exciting times as we all have the opportunity to globally change this disease forever. I am also fundraising for the LIVESTRONG Challenge...if you would like, go to THIS LINK AND DONATE!! Every amount helps in the fight against cancer! I am going to do a 90 mile ride in honor of a colleague here at the Foundation that is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Saturday was a bike ride with my co-worker, Kim..we took on the Dam Loop and well...let's just say running the hills does NOT mean you can still ride them. Dripping Springs and 90 miles should be VERY interesting. Saturday night was a yummy dinner with Sam and relaxing time together. up for a nice swim with T3. That made my total for the week just short of 9000 m....I feel good and strong in the water. After that, met up with a co-worker to walk the dogs at Town Lake. Then Sammy and I went to church, ran many many errands (as I had a car for the weekend) and after grocery shopping, we spent some more time relaxing together. It is rare that Sammy has off a we took full advantage of that! He is off to Italy tomorrow...I know, world travelers we are!! He will wrench for the Duathlon Worlds this coming weekend...I will miss him but it falls on a good weekend as Stephanie and Alida are flying to Austin for a great weekend of music....just go here for the ACL lineup. And then be jealous...cause for 3 days, it will be girl time and good stinkin' music!!! How I would love for the 80 degree weather to stick around! I blogged quite a bit last year on the ACL stay tuned!! I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swim, Monday, T3

Disclaimer: Carrie don't read this. You might have a worse crush.

Got back in the pool with T3 after ALL the crazy travel in the last month. I DID stay up with the swim in Portland and London it was not my FIRST time back in, in one month. It felt great as Chrissie took us through a really good workout.

Got through the warm-up and then it was 3 x 200, timed with each one descending.

First 200- 3:45 (crap, went out too fast, will I get faster on the next one?)
Second 200- 3:41 (wow?!! Can I go under 3:40 for #3??!!)
Third 300- 3:36 (yes...I did and felt as though both my lungs and heart would burst through my chest.)

Then it was 6 x 100 after a small recovery set. The goal being that 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 would have consistent times, taking off around 5 seconds after each double. (80%, 85% and 90%)

1 & 2- 1:55 I felt great and my pacing felt even...and I was happy with the consistent time!!

3rd- 1:52
4th- 1:50 at least I got there, right?

5th- 1:45 and then coach Pain through down the gauntlet, "can you go under 1:45 she asks??"
6th- 1:42 .....the answer is yes Coach.

After 2900 in the pool, it felt great to be back in. I have decided to do the aqua bike at the upcoming Longhorn which would consist of a 1.2 mile swim and a 56 mile bike. No 13.1 mile run at the end...I am not ready for the Decker terrain and well, I want to be done early and drinking my beers as I watch the agony of my friends out on the run course! October I come!!

I got in an awesome 6 mile run yesterday, I am still bike commuting as I am trying to put off buying a new car and a car payment as long as possible, and tonight I will head back to the pool with T3.

Life is good.