Friday, October 5, 2007

Fortune...and this weekend

Ok so here was my fortune cookie at lunch. (I only took one this time Kat)

"Keep your ideas flexible, and don't ignore details"

Does this have to do with this weekend? I am racing another Half Ironman this weekend here in Austin. Don't know how this one is going to go. I had a lot of old friends force me into having wine & beer in the last few weeks. (Thanks Florida) Normally I would say.....I am going to put a HURT on. But for this weekend, I would just like to cross the Finish Line. Look for my full race report on Sunday evening or Monday!!


kat said...

...IN BED!

Michelle said...

Hey that's me! We are so hot! ~ Michelle

Nate said...

good luck with your race sporty singer. i'm confident you'll do great. remember, beer has carbs and wine has anti-oxidants.