Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Something to Believe In...

I really really love Aqualung. They are a band from the UK that I got to see during South by Southwest, and I just adore the lead singer, Matt Hales, and his songwriting. I was listening to them on my iPod at work today and the song "Something to Believe In" came on, I stopped and thought......I need a little bit of that right now. It seems sometimes my life goes in a circle and I want to not be on repeat anymore. I so desperately want to reach for a hand to hold right now. I have seen a lot of pain in the last couple of months. Not all personal pain, but I have seen friends go through things that they just shouldn't have to go through. In that I tend to take on that hurt and I hurt for them....and find my emotions all over the damn place!!

Do you ever wonder if this world values truth anymore? Do you doubt the way you see yourselves and others when you really have no reason? Do you think that no matter how you try, you never find the one you want? Gosh, that would suck. I am longing for relationship.....and more importantly relationship with my Dad. I have realized I can't really try in a relationship until I try to fix what has been broken. I opened up my hands this weekend and found they were empty and it made me sad.

"Something To Believe In"

You talk too much.
Maybe that's your way
Of breaking up the silence
That fills you up.
But it doesn't sound the same
When no one's really listening

We stumble into our lives:
Reach for a hand to hold.
And any wonder
We need to find
A certain something, certain.

Turn out the light
And what are you left with?
Open up my hands
And find out they're empty.
Press my face to the ground
I've gotta find a reason.
Just scratching around
For something to believe in:
Something to believe in.

You have too much.
You're spending all your time
Collecting and discovering
It's not enough.
And no matter how you try,
You never find the one you want.

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kat said...

so eloquently put, carrie. ;)

i can relate on so many levels as countless others probably can too. we're all just looking for something to believe in.

until then, friendship is definitely giving hope, comfort and reassurance that one day it will come along.