Saturday, October 27, 2007

14 miles...ugh.

Today was my first day back in the running game as far as long distance and trying to keep my Marathon Pace Goal....or MPG. It went ok...14 miles, but the last 3 REALLY hurt. I did run the whole way and my running buddy Carolyn was there, so it was nice to have company.

We did 14 in 2:08. Not bad..9:14 average.

The back of my right leg went numb again around mile 10. That can't be good, back to the Dr. this week.

We get to bring the mileage back to 10 the next few weekends BUT I know one of those is a hill workout.

Good times.

Tomorrow....80 miles in Blanco on the bike with Team Magleen(cha) That cha is Chad...he is coming along for this ride.

I am excited to be on the bike as the weather is PERFECT right now. It is only 63 degrees right now outside!!! Love that.

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