Friday, October 26, 2007


First swim lesson...I was pretty nervous. Actually really nervous.

I show up at 715 and meet my new swim coach...Chrissie Novak.

She is super cool.

She makes you feel like you have been swimming for YEARS and that you just need a little tweaking.

We started with body positioning and working on using my rotation and I learned that freestyle is swimming on your side NOT swimming flat. (I just want you all to know that I am ok with sharing the secrets.) I swallowed A LOT of water going through different drills, I learned about pushing down on the water so that it brings my hips to the surface and keeps my body aligned. I learned about Touch Pull and Roll or TPR In just over an hour of being in the water I learned so much about gliding and being relaxed.

At the very end of my session Chrissie said, "you have good potentional Colleen. You learn quickly, you are strong and you catch on very fast. What is the fastest you have ever swam the mile in a Tri?"

I answer, "34:34"

She said, "We are going to get you under 30 minutes and my goal is that for your Ironman you see 1:15 for the 2.4 miles. You really do have a lot of potential in the water...keep working and try to get at least one other swim day so that you are swimming 3 times per week."

I left feeling like iSwim. Cause I do.

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