Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top Hits from ACL 2007

Poor Little Rich Boy, Regina Spektor- she began playing the percussion with the right hand on a chair (with a drumstick), then started playing the piano with her left...and then started singing. I tried this, it's hard. And she sounded amazing.

Keep The Car Running, Arcade Fire- this was by far the best set played at ACL. Once again, get there newest album, Neon Bible. Well worth the purchase. You will thank me. (I thank my friend Iskra) This song is so infectious, but if you ask me....that is just who they are...infectious.
Kid Fears, Indigo Girls- this is one of my all time favorite Indigo Girls tunes. And to see it live was so very personal. Just go check out the lyrics.

Jenny Don't be Hasty, Paolo Nutini- 20 year old Scottish singer song-writer. I know this is not the favorite of most Nutini fans, but I love this song off his most recent album These Streets, it's about a woman Nutini met in London's 12 bar. Expert simple lyrics, catchy tune. Just plain fun and he's not bad to look at either.

I Turn My Camera On, Spoon- Probably the song I love best from their album Gimme Fiction. The beat makes you want to dance (mixed with a few beers of course!!) It's the song that made me like Spoon. Brit, will you go out with me?

Sky Blue Sky, Wilco- Jeff Tweedy's soulful vocals and guitar player Nels Cline answer to the vocals. It's a beautiful conversation. They are a band I could see over and over again.

Are you Diggin on me?, Joss Stone- She opens her mouth and the lost child of Irma Thomas comes belting out. I have a friend here that vows she oversings but I find her quite gushing!! Soulful as all get out!!

All These Things That I've Done, The Killers- I just love that they ended their set with this. It's a good song, Brandon Flowers sang that crud out of it and I went home happy! It was a great way to end day #1!!

So those are the few that come to mind....just off the top of my head but I know there were more than 8 from the whole weekend! The best 2 covers I heard this weekend...I Wanna Be Like You (yes, from the Jungle Book) done by paolo Nutini and Midnight Train to Georgia done by the Indigo Girls. The first was just fun and the second completely blew you away!!

Are you all SICK of my ACL banter? I am sure you are....but you will have to deal.

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