Monday, September 17, 2007

Austin City Limits- It's A Wrap!!

So, ACL is done. It's now Monday afternoon and I am in the recovery phase! I just dropped my good friend Stephanie off at the airport and we have tons of good memories from this weekend!

The last day Recap!!

Ben Kweller was up first! Very entertaining and super cute in a nerdy kind of way! He is sticking around Austin to record his next album.

Then we moved to the stage next door where we saw Common. This was the replacement for Rodrigo y Gabriela. Not much of a replacement. Shame on you Rodrigo. I was not aware the lead singers name was "common", just so you all know. It is.

We moved over to see the one and only Lucinda Williams, I wish I would have gone to Bloc Party. I like Lucinda....but she was a bit small for the big stage they threw her on.

Next was Regina Spektor. Just her and the piano. It came across as though she was settting up to play a recital for her grandparents. It was very cute how overwhelmed she was with the large crowd before her. She did her music justice and proved herself as a talent to watch over the next few years. "Poor Little Rich Boy" was done one-handed...more on this at a later post...GENIUS!!

Wilco was next. Wilco gave a GREAT show and I wish they would have ended the festival rather than have the 630-745 time when the sun wasn't down yet. They would have been a great 90 minute spot at the end of a 3 days festival. Wilco closed down the AMD stage with a brilliant set. It not only rocked hard, but was remarkable for the contrast between the mastery shown in endearing melodies, impeccable arrangements and beautiful lead and harmony vocals, and the sheer havoc that erupted around the margins. You MUST see them live at some point. The set had multiple peaks, but Wilco still managed to make the end a real climax with a searing “Casino Queen” (from A.M.). (I know that Stephanie and Amber will recall I had to move further back to take a seat on the grass about half way through, I am glad I did this, as I was able to enjoy them even more from my blanket on the grass!!)

ahhhh.....then the anticipated Dylan. Yes. For those of you that are Dylan fans, I may hurt your feelings but I want you to know that I am just trying to be honest. And well, I am pretty sure a lot in Austin would agree with me. I was pretty disappointed with Bob. First let me start with telling you, I am a fan. But I don't think this kind of crowd (which consisted of a lot of us iPod agers) could really appreciate. We know that Dylan is not known for his vocals, I mean....I don't find him soothing at all at this point in his career but wow....even if you are charitable about that, his music is not right for the BIG finish you want at a festival you paid $120+ for tickets. Dylan never acknowledged the fans, I mean NEVER. He never said hello Austin, I am glad to be here....maybe he doesn't have to, but it was really self-indulgent to the point where he began to piss me off. He wore his large white hat, with his face in the shadows and moved from instrument to instrument as if he were at rehearsal. The fact is people started leaving 2 songs into the set because it seemed disconnected and frustrating.
As was said in the paper today..."Now you don't look so proud" applies to himself. Ouch. Some saving grace is that the band was excellent, rock solid and Denny Freeman and his georgeous solos were a total wonder.

Here is the bottom line. Would I pay to see Dylan again? Yes. Maybe at a smaller venue like House of Blues or the Paramount but at a place like ACL? Never again.

I ended Friday night with the Killers, Saturday night with Arcade Fire and really wanted Sunday night to be the same.....I will give it to Wilco. Sorry Bob.

Until Next Year.....I will be posting a list of the top 10 songs from the weekend for sure! Be on the lookout!

This Wednesday......Brandi Carlile!!! It's gonna be good!!

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