Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rootless Tree

Broken hearts. Suck. Two steps forwards, two steps back. That is they way it seems. You know he isn't good for you, but you can't learn to let go.....completely. I downloaded this song last night and it is really the way I feel.

Damien Rice said it right in "Rootless Tree":

What I want from you is empty your head
They say be true, don't stay in your bed
We do what we need to be free
And it leans on me like a rootless tree

What I want from us is empty our minds
We fake the thoughts, and fracture the times
We go blind when we've needed to see
And this leans on me, like a rootless...

*uck you, *uck you, *uck you
And all we've been through
I said leave it, leave it, leave it
There's nothing in you
And did you hate me, hate me, hate me, hate me so good
That you just let me out, let me out, let me out
Of this hell when you're around

What I want from this
Is learn to let go
No not of you
Of all that's been told
Killers re-invent and believe
And this leans on me, like a rootless...

That's all for today.

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Brian said...

damien rice must have really been walked over in his life. if he isn't singing about lost love, then he's yelling about his father. i saw him perform earlier this year at bass concert hall & was just blown away by the show.