Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My precious girl Kat

I am in LA and with a trip to LA means I get to spend time with my precious friend Kat. It's great. We aren't the best about keeping in touch via phone, as we aren't really phone people but when we plan trips to see eachother, it's awesome. We met at Disney. She was a dancer at Tarzan and me...a singer. And what is crazy is we actually became better friends once we left that world. Having kept in touch for the last ten years as life has taken us both through a few moves, her from NYC to LA and me from Orlando to Austin...I can easily say that we cherish the moments where we get to talk about our failures.

Wait? What? Our failures? yes, that is right...our failures. It's no doubt that Kat and I have had some good successes in life and trust me, we celebrate that with one another, but what I love is how we each accept the $hit. The last 3 days have been talking about how hard things are and how sometimes we just want to give up when it comes to life, relationships, work...etc, and there is this great thing about us that nothing is off the table. We don't judge what the struggle is. ever. We share, listen, sometimes cry and then point each other back to our faith and where we come from. We make it a point not to fix things for one another but simply to accept where each of us is on this crazy journey.

I am out in LA for work, but what is nice is that when work is done for the day, for one week I get to sit with my sweet friend and move through some pain.

I have much gratitude for this week. Love you Kat. (and Eric! **this is Kat's boyfriend and he will get mad if I don't mention him once in this post)

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