Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and now it's March 2

I must make time. I must make time. To write a new damn blog. The thing is....it's not right now. I did go on a small road trip today...2.5 hours to listen to my own music...if you don't own these albums, you should.

1.Diane Birch- Bible Belt (seriously. it's good)
2.Adele- 21 (this one doesn't need a reason)
3.Arcade Fire- The Suburbs (yes, all you haters from the Grammys, they are rock your face off amazing)
4.Sugarland, The Incredible Machine (I just want to 2 step the whole time)
5.The Last Five Years- broadway show, Jason Robert Brown. (the melodies, the lyrics, I will never let go of this album and in my car I can sing as loud as I want to)

Someday I will get back to singing on a more regular basis. Truth be told, I miss it a lot these days and I don't make time for it like I used to. There were some days I would come home from work and sit at the piano for up to 2 hours singing and practicing...i can't tell you the last time I did that. So I made a goal. For those of you in Austin. A night of song from yours truly is coming your way in June...and trust me, this will be a glorious time!

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