Saturday, March 19, 2011

Closing from Northland last week

When I travel (which happens to be a lot these days) I often will watch Northland's service online. This was my church when I lived in Orlando. Last weekend's service has been in my mind for the last week...the closing was so good.

One good man,--one man who does not put his religion on once a week with his Sunday coat, but wears it for his working dress, and lets the thought of God grow into him, and through and through him, till everything he says and does becomes religious, that man is worth a thousand sermons--he is a living Gospel... And men see his good works...and realize God's grace is no dream, but that the Holy Spirit is still among men...and they get a glimpse of God again in His saints and heroes, and glorify their Father who is in heaven. ... Charles Kingsley, Twenty-five Village

It has simply made me think a lot this past week about myself and where my faith is right now.

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