Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy Bee!!!!

So many many of you comment on my super busy life and what I continue to stay involved in AND train for an Ironman. This past weekend was one of those times that I realized I put a bit too much on my schedule, but in the end every planned minute was worthwhile.

Friday started out with the FUN car trouble and getting myself through that. good times. Then Open water swim on Friday night and I went home and had a few hours to myself before getting a good nights sleep.

Saturday was my bike ride and then off to Courtney S.'s wedding. I was involved in a couple of ways. First, I went and did the makeup for the bridal party. (I know, random piece of information some of you may not have known. I am a free-lance make-up artist for MAC cosmetics.) The other side of this was my 80s band was also playing at the reception. So after, 3 hours of doing make-up, I went into the reception hall and had a sound check with the band, then changed and got myself ready. I was so happy to be around for Courtney's day!! Her wedding was beautiful, her and Peter are PERFECT for each other and the day went off without a hitch! It was awesome! I got home around midnight and then quickly got myself into bed.

Sunday started with singing at Gateway and then coming back home around 1:00 for an afternoon of some fun and some training. I first took miss Eloise (my beatiful Pug) for a walk down to Auditorium shores where she could frolick with the other dogs! After about an hour of that, we walked a bit further down Town Lake and I decided to sit outside and watch some kids soccer going on.

It was at this point that I really wish I had my camera. Man, you can learn SO MUCH about things watching kids soccer. These girls were hysterical!! You have the super amped girl in her flashy red cleats who is ready to take over the world! You have the "pretty in pink" girl (yes, head to toe in pink, even the cleats) that kind of stood near the goal and just twirled her hair, despite what Mom and Dad were saying to her. And then you have the other girls that just follow the ball around wherever it goes....Amanda what did you call it? Beehive girls? They just swarm!! Oh man, You have to take an afternoon out and go watch, you will thank me!

I would like to give a separate paragraph to the parent that put in more miles along the sidelines than both teams combined! It kills me that at 6-7 years old, you expect that much of your child on the soccer field!! I think you lost your voice about 3 quarters into the game and the rest of us on the side-lines were so happy because at that point you just looked like an idiot running & pacing up and down the field. Stop living your dreams through your child.

It was then that Eloise and I headed back home for me to get ready for my long run! After that...showered up to go sing at a Fundraising for some TNT folks...just an easy acoustic set at Irie Bean. It raised good money for a few folks and was fun just hanging out, drinking a Shiner and singing a few tunes!

I slept well on Sunday night. It's going to be a tough week of training and working but the busy schedule keeps me going...you know?

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Aldi26 said...

Nice to see someone else using the word "frolic". It really should be used more often... :)