Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alida, Homeslice, Fireman's 4, Bike Talk

Last night was a super great evening here in Austin. My friend Alida... Our friendship has a funny story....she didn't like me for the first 5 months she knew of me. Then we both go cycle 100 miles in Tahoe, have a few forward a few months when she moves to Chicago and NOW...good buds. I look forward to her frequent trips to Austin!

This time we both set aside the evening to meet up for beers and Pizza..I have realized in the midst of all the Ironman training it is really really good to have the balance of stopping and catching up with life and good people. You gotta stay connected...and not be TURBO all the time with this training.

What makes a perfect evening...

1. Meeting up with a good friend.
2. Pizza at Homeslice. (I am allowed, it's recovery week!!!)
3. Fireman's 4 beer. (if you aren't in TX, and you don't know this, you are missing out)
4. Excellent conversation where I talked Alida into thinking about riding in a tiny 600 mile road race in Paris in 2011. There I said it have to do it now!!


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Aldi26 said...

I agree, it was a perfect evening. I look forward to many more of them here in Austin and when you visit me in Chicago. :)

I appreciate the fact that you phrased it that you talked me into thinking about it. I did agree to at least think about it. :)