Thursday, January 8, 2009

what it isn't.

One week into 2009 and things are good....Got back from some amazing family time (will post pictures later), had 3 days in Austin and then off to Orlando where Team LIVESTRONG will take on the Disney Marathon this weekend. I will be going after the Half Marathon on Saturday trying to do continue my 1 Half Marathon per month to keep up the base training for all things Ironman in the Fall. So far I did the San Antonio with a 4 minute PR of 1:51, then in December the OUC with a PR of a lovely read that right, but a PR is PR my friends and now Disney and already looking at Austin Half in February. I really decided I am not a lover of the Full Marathon unless it happens to be after a 112 mile bike ride and a 2.4 mile swim. I know...get me my medication, right?? I won't do another marathon until November 22 of this year.

Week one of training went rather well with a few good runs, a ride on my trainer and got to swim yesterday in Orlando which was quite nice!!! I was back to swimming my 100 at a 1:45 pace and I continue to work on my core and leg strength so I can get close to my 1 hour swim goal at the IM!! My focus with training at least until June is to take it easy. 2-3 hour bike rides, 10 mile runs here and there, core and strength....nothing like an IM schedule that will cause me to get burnt out before June. And maybe, just maybe...I will fall in love with my bike again.

I also tried to sit with my journal and make REALISTIC resolutions....things that at the end of 2009 that would make me a better person. Then it crossed my is it that our lists' tend to look this: In 2009 I will.......Yes, I will have a few of those..I will complete my second IM, I will learn to be more patient, be HOTT in May (I did that for you Fuller) but what if we all decided to make a list like this:

In 2009 I will not.....

*be so hard on myself, and will not be such a type A perfectionist
*put down my appearance or my size and self-deprecate
*take things personally
*compare myself to others

I think that is more what I will resolve to do. I finished reading this book called Now, Discover Your Strengths and I read it from a stand point of wanting to understand others in the workplace and even the fundraisers that volunteer with the LAF. It was good for that but it was also self-convicting in that I need to not be so hard on myself when I "fail" I am human and not perfect, and no one expects me to be. And if they do...I should bless and release them right out of my life. It was so good to be reminded why we are all so very different and how if we stop and look for the strenghts and not focus on the weaknesses..our lives, our jobs, our relationships would function so very differently. I love that.

I wrote this song a few years ago and the hook of it was

It's exactly what you did
It's exactly what you did
It's exactly what you did
not do.

It popped up on my iPod on the plane to Orlando and it allowed me to go down this road of what I will not do anymore in 2009.....

anyone want to join me?

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ARenea said...

yoo-hoo...i'm telling you HOTT-T-T-T!!! I think this is a great resolution....put it on your dream board...see it everyday!!!!