Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year. New. Happy.'s about 30 minutes until I ring in the new year (eastern time, that is) and as most do, they reflect on the last year. I think of the many blessings first:

health, roof over my head, and a new job that I am in love with! Then there were some athletic accomplishments, 2 Half Ironman, 4 Half Marathons and well...yes...the Ironman folks...the Ironman. (And the start of 2009 already has me dreaming about Arizona in November and what I can accomplish there.) and then some extra's along the way falling in love, lot's of fun travel, new friends (Carrie B., Ash and Brett, KAB, Anthony, JJ and my Gateway family) and then old friends where I was able to continue down a beautiful path of growth. And yet a tear is brought to my eye thinking of my friends Andi, Heidi, Heather and Robin who ventured to Idaho just for my Ironman. Mizz Fuller who supports each and every decision I make and allows me to join her in the pool by giving me a ride...and is well one of the MOST self-less people I have ever met. Slo-Diggity- a first time 70.3er, my ACL partner in crime and truly a wonderful person on the inside and out...thanks for staying close over the miles!! I know there are those that have touched my life in the past year that I am forgetting....but if you shared a cup of coffee, if we laughed or cried together, if we traveled to a race together, maybe swapped music favs, were certainly a part of the journey, my journey...and well, 2008 was pretty much a rockin' year. I think that is what I learned the most this past year is that each person has a part, or at least we certainly have the power to choose that. I am so fortunate and blessed to have friends that stick by in the yuck and push me to see the good and beautiful.

Yes, there were parts of 2008 that were hard and so very rough. The first 5 months I was living in a job that was tearing my soul out...I loved the job, but the environment...I did not and I have blessed and released those people that caused me hurt. I had some financial set-backs, totaled my car and am doing the bike commuting thing until I can afford a car the right way. There were a few friendships that really changed...more than I thought they would. In fact, it was one year ago tonight I was planning a New Years Day run with them. There are still moments I am sad, but then I also know some friendships stick for a season and not forever. And last, I continue to see those I love move through cancer and hope for a miracle.

But all of these...good and bad, make me who I am and allow me to trust that much more in what God has for me...and possibly in 2009! I am a goal oriented person, but I will keep that for my personal journal because well, I am super self-motivated!! :)

It is exactly two years ago that I moved to Austin, TX and well...I LOVE IT IN THE ATX!!! It has truly been the best move I have made for myself in career, in personal life and love, in truly feeling like I am HOME. I didn't feel that for 9 years in Orlando and didn't know I was missing something until I moved to Austin.

I am in Virginia, spending the night babysitting my precious niece and nephews so my sis and bro-in-law could go out and it was worth it! I wouldn't have had it any other way (except maybe Sam come along next time). And with that as 2008 wraps up (and it takes me all of January to remember putting 2009 on things) here are a few Irving Berlin lyrics...

One minute to midnight
One minute to go
One minute to say good-bye
Before we say hello


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for 2009!


What a great reflection my dear!! I'm so grateful for your friendship even though most of it has been through emails, FB and texting!! We're too very busy gals on the go :-) I look forward to more quality face to face time in 09...even if it's at corture, on the bike or on a run.

You are a gem!!