Monday, November 17, 2008

updates....coming soon?

I know. I know....enough of the threatening emails and phone calls that I have not been good in the last month of blogging....(I love it that it is a verb now) I have much to catch you up on...hopefully in the days to come I will get a chance to write on one OR all of these topics...

*LIVESTRONG Challenge weekend and the amazing 5k and 65 mile ride I endured
*my trip to NYC with Team LIVESTRONG and in seeing really great friends!
*Election night in Times Square!
*the cancellation of Ironman CdA for next due to work conflicts.
*a realization of the pressure I continue put on myself.
*possible new album with Scotty...(a friend I have wanted to collaborate with for quite some time...this album will be amazing)
*my good friend Carrie B. (miss Tri To Be Funny blog found at the right)
*San Antonio Half marathon= a PR for me! (1:51)
*looking to December and 2009.

I promise...I will return!!!!

Life in the fast lane obviously over the past few weeks.....but I do want to write on as much of this as I can

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crabby said...

just checking in on you...even though it's not thursday. take care and maybe our paths with cross again soon.
cathy bridge