Monday, November 24, 2008

The Impromptu, Un-Rehearsed Weekend....

What an incredible weekend I had! It was weekends such as what I am about to describe that I miss Austin when I am traveling a lot! I had no set plans other than singing at church on Sunday morning....and this is how the weekend unfolded.

Saturday- woke up and Miss Fuller picked me up for a wonderful morning of swim!! I am starting to get jazzed about being back in the water and really have a desire to get stronger again. We put in 2800 m with Coach Pain and felt really good! SIDE NOTE: Y'all better watch out for Miss Fuller-Phelps. She ain't playin' anymore in the water. She is getting faster with each practice and I can't wait to see what the next Tri season holds for her! Way to go lady!! After this, Fuller and I changed and went on a 4 mile run. She is training for the Austin Half in February and so it was good to get in some friend time and a quick run. I will be doing another Half Marathon in a few weeks....I know. I know.

Fuller then dropped me off at the house, I showered and then caught the bus down to the Farmer's Market...with $20 in hand, I got some tasty vegetables and got a message from Mel. She wanted to ride for 2 hours, easy, conversational and ride South over to the Tuesday nighter course. PERFECT!! I would love to! So yes, I did a broken Triathlon on Saturday just because I can. None of the workouts being hard, but fun hang times. Riding with Mel was great! We did some "interesting maneuvering around construction" (but that is all I will give away here) and had good conversation for 2 hours. I love it when days unfold like that and you weren't expecting it!

Saturday night was just some time with Sammy and early to bed as I sang at church on Sunday morning. Church was great as it was the last weekend of Soul Revolution, a 60/60 experiment in being connected with God. What I loved the most about this service is Gateway did a reverse offering. Yes, you heard that correctly. At the end of the message, the pastor had volunteers issue envelopes. Inside were different amounts of money. We had to take that money and give it to or turn it into something good. I know...nuts, right? Even my pastor said that. It brought back the point from a few months ago where I heard, We serve an uncivilized God, who calls uncivilized people to do uncivilized things. It's great because the band decided to pool the money we got in our envelopes and we are going to help a musician in need in the community. More details later on this! After church was the Empty Bowl Project, which was great. My walk home consisted of listening to a new artist, Lamya, (THANKS JASON!!!)....and putting the iPod on shuffle.

Sunday afternoon was a really good nap! (smile) and then Sunday evening was 24 Premier, AMA's, Colts game (another nail biting WIN!!) and more time with Sammy.

It's Monday and I am looking forward to two days of work this week and then some good riding the rest of the week! I am staying in Texas for Thanksgiving!

Later today I will post a few things about my races in the next year! YIKES!!!

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