Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am beautiful, no matter what they say....

"When our world falls apart and we have no more faces to wear, that's when it's beautiful, and that's when we change." --Jon Foreman.

I love this quote above. I just love it. A friend shared this with me today and so I had to post it. I am learning a lot right now. I am learning it is ok to not know. The unknown has and will always be scary for me but the unknown is really causing me to trust right now. I went to church this past Sunday night after a really great morning running the San Antonio Half....a 1:51 for me...which is a Personal Best. I was 82 out of 1868 in my age group, Top 100 as Sammy would say, which is pretty darn good! Anyway, back to this post. The talk at church was really good and just what I needed. I need to know I don't have to perform. I am learning that sometimes I do wear different "faces" as I don't know that I want people to see the real, hurting me. It's not big big stuff, it's small stuff. Still trying to peal away some layers of hurt....and that can be hard. I need to know it is ok to make mistakes and I needed to is ok not to know. There is not an age that you need to have it all figured out....and that has caused the panic to go away.

So in catching up....

I had a good time traveling for work and meeting so many wonderful fundraisers for the LAF...NYC was especially great because this marathon is the cream of the crop! if you are going to do just one that one! Trust me, it is worth it! 140 LAF runners and $500,000 raised! What a great time!

Now life back in Austin for a few weeks...which will be nice! I am going to get in some good cycling hopefully in the next few weekends. (Carrie, you in?) The weather could not be more perfect!

I am still without a car, but ok with that. I feel like I am not making any quick decisions and well, it is quite easy to get around Austin via bicycle or now the bus! (as Sammy has helped me figure out) In fact, I am enjoying taking the bus to and from work as I get up, go to the Coffee Shop on the corner and then walk about 3/4 mile to a bus stop at the bottom of the hill. Catch it and 3 stops later...I am at work. And it's only .75!!!

My race plans changed a bit next year. I thought I was going to do Ironman CdA again but due to some work conflicts, that is not going to happen. I will be doing an Ironman but that is yet to be determined as I have a good friend that would like me to do it with her. So possibly Ironman AZ is on my horizon. I think the Spring will be about Olympic Distances and just enjoying the "shorter" course again! I will go to St. Anthony's in April, Columbia IronGirl in May, some local races in June and July...a half Marathon here and there. In September, Ironman Augusta 70.3 so my parents can come out and watch me race!! I am most excited about this and then....Ironman FL or AZ in the fall?? Stay tuned.

And if you think about it....say a prayer for a friend that is facing cancer diagnosis #2 today. My heart is hurting for her and her 3 children. I pray the test is negative.

ok....I will be back more regularly...promise!

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