Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Free Shipping on 20 or more LIVESTRONG Survivorship Notebooks

At the Lance Armstrong Foundation, providing access to helpful information and tools is one of the key ways we fulfill our mission to inspire and empower people battling cancer. Now the LAF is helping to make it easier than ever for those affected by cancer to navigate their cancer experience.

From now until December 15, 2008, you can receive free shipping on 20 or more LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Notebooks by visiting

The easy-to-carry, spiral-bound LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Notebook provides a variety of information covering the physical, emotional, and practical issues that may accompany a cancer diagnosis. It also includes worksheets that help prepare for medical appointments, track medications and treatments, and organize insurance and financial information.

Get a notebook for yourself, a family member or friend. Share them with other cancer survivors by distributing them to support groups, your doctor’s office, or a cancer center in your community. There are more than 12 million cancer survivors living in the U.S. today, so help the LAF spread the word by forwarding this email to anyone you know who has been affected by cancer. Together, we can deliver the resources and support that help people affected by cancer live life on their own terms.

And please forward this message to others who can help us in this important effort.


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