Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ok, so I have had NO time, I repeat NO time to do this thing called blogging. ACL weekend flew by...(much love to SLODIGGITY)...and then my world became all things marathon and cycling for work AND I had the Longhorn 70.3 this past weekend. No, I did not do the entire race....I did the swim and the bike for this event to get in some good training...more on this later in the post.

ACL in a nutshell. It was great and I will always love the few and far between minutes I get with my Steph. The first evening was about Patty Griffin. When she started her set with Heavenly Day...I knew it was going to be a good. It emanated from the five-piece huddled in a small circle. Two acoustic guitars. An accordion. An upright bass. Traps of modest size graced with jazz brushes. My favorite of the set? Waiting for My Child...Griffin's voice was so soulful that you could have sat there another hour and been entrapped. It can be said,...Blondes have more fun. Brunettes can read. Redheads, they sing. Friday afternoon of ACL saw two such enflamed songbirds. After miss Patty I saw non other than Jenny Lewis.

What I can say about her is if you do not have her new album, Acid Tongue...go get it and then let me know what you think. It's divine.

On Saturday of ACL my highlite was...the Old 97s &Beck. At 1230, Steph and I were ready to ROCK and get our faces melted off (that was for you Chad) by none other than Rhett in his beautiful red pants. (sigh) The closer of the evening was Beck. I had this HUGE dilemma of Allison Krauss and Robert Plant or Beck. I even thought...WWSD?? What Would Scotty Do? (he is a super cool guy with amazing taste in music, you can't go wrong with what he recommends) Scotty told me to go to AK...and well, I didn't. I had seen AK before but had NEVER seen Beck in all his glory. I am glad I went...it was good. Can't really put it into words. His musicianship is amazing, bizarre...you have to experience it once.

Sunday was Nicole Atkins & the Sea (thanks Megan!!!) who was really incredible. She is up and coming, check her out. You will thank me. Again. Her voice is quite rich and her lyrics compelling. There were many good acts along the way and then Steph and I were excited to see Tristan Prettyman as we got some good shade and a few snow cones to cool us off. Silversun Pickups were next. They were...just ok. His shouting and screaming got to me after awhile....my favorite of the day? Tegan and Sarah....go get their stuff. Quite awesome. Canadian sisters that can rock and have a good time!

So that is ACL in a nutshell!

Then crazy work week...a few workouts here and there...and then Longhorn 70.3 where I helped out a bit at Jack & Adam's, and then got my bike and gear ready to do the swim and bike portion. Although the swim was a bit short according to record breaking times...I came in at 31 minutes for the 1.2 miles....even if just a bit short I would have broken the 48 minute time of last year by leaps and bounds!! THANK YOU T3 swimming!!! I could not have done it without their fantastic coaching...I am not Windmill Wilson any longer!! The 56 mile bike was fun and easy and a good training ride.

Now...I am getting ready to take a team of awesome LIVESTRONG runners to Chicago for the marathon this weekend. (no, I am NOT running it) I am there to cheer and party with them!

The weather looks perfect....I hope I can get better with the blogging thing.



SLO-Diggity said...

I love a man who can work a box

Robin Ficker Broker Robin Realty said...

Desiree will win at Kona! You read it here first!