Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spontaneous Saturday

I love it when you plan a day and it turns out even better than planned. I got up around 615 AM this morning as Fuller picked me up for Swim practice with T3. We put in a good 2700m...which Fuller kicked my ass in the 10x50m sprints we did. Good gravy she can move it on those sprints!!! It felt great as we were done with our workout by 815...right on time!!

As she drove me home we both mentioned that we hadn't seen our friend Ms. I text her and she was looking for some people to go running on the trail with her...Fuller was in and so was I! Originally I had planned to get right on my bike but you know, I don't HAVE to do anything right now as my race schedule is empty for the time being (and I am ok with that, especially since I am trying to figure out this new "lifestyle" of being vegan.

Anyway...sorry back on track....we met up and ran 3 miles on the trail, hit some breakfast taco action (mine was potato and black bean) and then Fuller took me home. I got in a brief nap (just one hour), hopped on my bike and put in 50 miles. I went about 35 miles hard and the other 15 were me running different errands around town.

Tonight will be an easy evening at home....some veggie burgers, green beans and brown rice. YUMMMMMMM!!!!

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