Thursday, March 20, 2008

Salt Lake...update

What a great trip this has been. I totally think in some other life I lived in the West. There is something about the mountains and the connection I feel with just the air out here.

I am super lucky, cause I am staying with my good friend Ramsi for the couple of days I am here. If you don't know her, you should meet her. I planted myself in a coffee shop for the majority of yesterday studying up for the interview. Met Ramsi around 10:00 at night after she did a show and we drove to Park City to stay with a few of her friends. Little did I know that would be Kevin Curtis, receiver of the Philadephia Eagles. SUPER HUGE HOME in Park City....Ramsi & I got settled in, I met Kevin (amazingly nice guy and ridiculously hot) and I had to get to bed. Early morning ahead of me, we figured we would do dinner and catch up tonight (Thursday).

I woke up to a huge load of snow on the driveway, a very panicked Colleen trying to remember how to drive in the snow and gripping the steering wheel as if death were right around the corner. good times. Ask Ramsi about it, she was in my car. I had a long day of interviews and "selling myself" to the folks here at Backroads. It is a super cool company but I have a lot I need to figure out in the next week.

It has been my dream to travel the world on my bike. Is this the push I need? here is where the Colleen that over-analyzes EVERY move in her life comes in.

I am supposed to hear tomorrow from Backroads, so we will see what happens. If it seems like a good plan....why not jump? I will keep you all posted as you wait with baited breath on my decision.

I love Salt Lake City, I LOVE the mountains, I love trail running, I love this little coffee shop, the rawbean that has taken me in for these few days and served me fantastic Guatemalan roast and allowed me to sit on the wireless. What I have to ask is...
Where is my really financially sound man to build a home in the West for us to play and then continue to live in Austin? Where oh where?

If you all have any leads....let me know.

Check the training blog, cause I did get some training in these couple of days.

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