Friday, March 21, 2008


That is the airport I am sitting in. Thank God for free wireless. I think it should be mandatory that airports offer Free Wireless. It is such a disappointment when you get off a plane and go to check your e-mail while waiting for the connecting flight, you have paid $400 for the airline ticket, $3 for a coffee and $4 for a bagel only to find out it will cost you $9.95 for a one day pass on the internet. REALLY??? It has been hit or miss with the airports lately, but luckily Phoenix came through for me.

Nothing new to talk about. It is my friend Kerri's 30th today, so if you check this.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hopefully I will be back in time to enjoy a margarita with you! Ole'!!

Much to catch up on with the old job situation. I am gonna take a bike ride by myself tomorrow to think about it all. I have a few offers on the table.

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