Sunday, February 3, 2008

End of Birthday Week....

I had such an incredible week. It started off shaky cause Miss CC Nay Nay or Snakebite (that's me, both nicknames work) got really sick starting on Saturday night and I got the creepy crud in my chest that lingered until this weekend. By Wednesday though, (my actual birthday), I was feeling better and was ready to celebrate with my friends.

Maggie & Amber produced the First Annual CC Nay Nay After Dark 5k. Yes, I say First Annual cause this will continue each year. We met for core class and then had our pre race festivities, getting our Race Bag (I am not kidding), putting our Race Numbers on (we all were #1) and then drills and stretching (thanks Chad for warming up before the big race).

We took off on the run and then by the turn around point Chad, John, Kevin and I were out front (oddly, Jeff W kept appearing in random places and Maggie & Amber did the short course). As I rounded the corner for the Finish, we all grabbed hands for the swing around of the Picket Fence and I took 1st overall. (and yes, there was a finish line). You really had to be there to see it but it was really really AWESOME!!!!

Then we had our Awards Ceremony & it was time for Margaritas!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!

Off to Guero's to meet up with more friends and we partied it up with some Tex Mex and festive drinks!

It really was one of the best birthdays I have ever had, with new friends from the past year and people that really make me smile and love life. I felt extremely spoiled....and turning 33 was really ok with me. According to outside sources (which may or may not be my parents) being 33, single, no kids, no house (I do have 4 bikes...does that count for anything?) is a very sad thing. But as you can see by the pictures (post directly after this), my friends (married, dating & single) embrace me right where I am in life.

So, it's the end of Birthday Week and what rocks is I am going out with a BANG!! Band of Horses is playing at La Zona Rosa tonight and I am ready to fully rock out to them. Cease to Begin is a great album....I am going with Shelley & Maggie (oh and Chad).

Look for a full review tomorrow.....and buy the CD on iTunes, and then thank me. Cause you will.

Thanks to all my RAD Austin friends (and to all those that showered me with emails, calls, texts, ecards). Life is good because it is through relationship that we grow, so I couldn't do life without YOU!!

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maggie said...

Although production credits are attributed to Magzilla & T Loca, the event would not have been near as incredible were it not for one Ms. Amanda Fuller. Fuller ran that show! Thanks Amanda! AND she made Colleen cupcakes!!!! mmmm.