Monday, January 14, 2008

New Job? Could Be? Who knows?

I got a really awesome call today. Backroads Travel Company....things are looking really good with this job. If you don't know this company, take a look at their website... BACKROADS I applied to be a Trip Leader/Research Specialist & have been going through the interview process. I have my official interview in a few weeks...flying out to Salt Lake. I can't wait.

Yes, I am looking for whatever may be next in the job avenue. I love TNT, and always will. But Momma gotta pay the bills, and she can't LIVE the way she really wants to on this paycheck. Reality check for 2008. Find a job where I can use all my fantastic skills, see the world and build community!!

Backroads it is.

I will know if it is official by the end of the month!

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Brian Kirk said...

the company/position look really cool. i'd almost do that "work" for free - i hope it works out for you.