Saturday, January 12, 2008


I had a great 10 mile run today....and I decided to make a very specific Playlist on the iPod for it.....

it was divine and just the right music!

Beautiful Day- U2
My New Acquaintance- Regina Spektor
Rio- Duran Duran
Hope For Me Yet- Marc Broussard
Smile- Lily Allen
SexyBack- Justin Timberlake (yeah, I did)
Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne
Turpentine- Brandi Carlile
Where the Streets Have No Name- U2 (you can't really ever have to much of them)
2+2=5- Radiohead
New Shoes- Paolo Nutini
Waiting on the World- John Mayer
There's Hope- India Arie
Travelin' Thru- Dolly Parton (this is a for sure theme song of mine)
Keep the Car Running- Arcade Fire
Sing- Annie Lennox (off her latest album, GET IT!!)

There were some moments I wanted to skip this Playlist was so good!! Sometimes I need super hard rock to keep me moving but I wanted to enjoy being outside and being alive....and this mixed moved that along!

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