Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Am I?

So today our work had to go to this Insights Training about our Personality and how we work with others. We learned about our Strenghts and Limitations (the facilitator did not like to call them Weaknesses). After 5 hours of reading about yourself, analyzing, head hurts a lot. I mean, I have done this before in groups but do you ever feel like God might have made a mistake when He put you together? Cause that is how I felt by the end of the session. More on this later, I will share part of the test with you all.

I am tired and I have rehearsal in one hour.

**As a side note, whatever you do in your life, at the Universe....positive friend Angie Davis at the age of 34 had a masectomy a few days ago. The pathology test came back with pretty bad results. She has 3 small children and it having a difficult time. Her family could use lot's of love right now. They have a long road of treatment ahead of them.

Until later.

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Scotty said...

I'll pray right now for your friend Angie.