Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Songs to wake up to

Songs to wake up to:

I don't want a buzzer. I don't want the local shouting DJ. I want splendid music to wake me up with a smile, a wink ....

1 just kissed my baby the meters
Oh my. God. I am up up and away. No way this day is getting away from me. No sir.

2 good vibrations the beach boys
No less joyful than the meters. Ideal for sundays.

3 ticket to ride the beatles
Perfection. Heavy and light all at once. Leave the light off just let your eyes adjust to the morning glow.

4 I am a wheel wilco
More coffee? MORE COFFEE?

5 walk round the corner the 45s
Not sure if i'm allowed to choose stuff from my own back catelogue, but here's me in 1999 when my mornings generally started in the afternoon. Guitars are cool.

6 rock steady aretha franklin
Somebody hold me down somebody sit on my chest I will EXPLODE if I can't get up and jiggle around in the kitchen feeling like i'm in an excellent film from 1974.

7 neighbourhood #1 arcade fire
This album is like a day. A day in which a load of bad stuff happens but neverthless a day you wouldn't change. This is the first song so it's time to wake up.

8 rag mama rag the band
What a bunch of freaks. I love the band so much.

9 oh you pretty things david bowie
I think this is about time with my daddy. Let's get our stuff together and go swimming and after you can choose something from the dangerous vending machine. Saturdays with my dad. (i miss them and hold those memories close since we don't live near and our relationship has severely changed over time)

10 harlem bill withers
Ok. Technically a nightime/evening song but something about the way it builds and builds and then steps up a key and the cymbals come in... Seems like a better way than most to start your day.

As my alarm went off this morning and the random DJ came on and then some idiot pop princess with auto tune started with some funky beat, it made me think. I need to find a better radion station & it made me come up with this list.

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Scotty said...

yes, yes, yes. I wish there was a literary illustration of the 2 fingers, "my eyes, your eyes" back and forth thing as to indicate, "Yes, we're on the same page with that." 'Cause that's what I would be doing if we were in the same room, which we're not. You're in Austin and I'm in Orlando. And, I'm not at all disappointed that you're in Austin playing music and seeing music and loving it and I'm in Mickey town. There's a jukebox at The Copper Rocket though, and I'm so unbelievably happy and satisfied with that.