Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Songs to go to Bed with....

    After my list of songs to wake up to....I thought to myself..."Self, what do you like when it is time for bed?" Here's my list! (The other reason...music is on my brain a lot these days. I have an exciting month coming up....Spoon on the 13th, ACL festival 14-16, Brandi Carlile 19th.....I might explode!!!)

  1. Peter Pan, Patty Griffin- Really anything of hers would suit me just fine. I love her stuff in a lady crush kind of way. She lives in Austin. Maybe we will become best friends. This song just gets me.

  2. Lover, You Should’ve Come Over, Jeff Buckley- “She’s the tear that hangs inside my soul forever” Nuff Said.

  3. Grace, Kate Melankton- If you don’t know her, you should be slapped right now. She is my newest find from SXSW festival. Her voice-haunting. Her lyrics-engaging. This song done with upright bass, a little piano and her voice. Can you see me with my woobie…off to bed I go.

  4. Nice Dream, Radiohead- off one of my favorite albums The Bends. (and to think after Pablo Honey I didn’t want to give them a chance, I would have missed out. I have Andy Simonds to thank for this) This song is hypnotizing which is why I don’t listen to it when I am driving.

  5. Night Time Is (The Right Time), Ray Charles- first memory is watching The Cosby show like every other family did in the 80s…waiting to see what the Huxtables would do next. Other than that memory, this song makes me want to sleep…..not alone though. Sigh.

  6. 1963, Rachel Yamagata- Her sound is retro, her guitar licks are delish. You go to bed with a smile. “I feel like I’m loving you in 1963.” That has to mean something good.

  7. Hai Luli, Cecelia Bartoli (singer) Pauline Garcia (composer)- Bartoli is my favorite Italian Operatic singer. A seductive treatment of a song asking, “where can my love be?” Funny, I ask myself that a lot.

  8. Letting You Go, Lauren Kennedy (singer) Jason Robert Brown (songwriter)- I couldn’t do this list without one true shout out to some show tunes. If you aren’t a fan of showtunes, Jason Robert Brown will change your mind. Just go buy The Last Five Years (and then thank me later) JRB is genius on the piano and everything about his writing is tasteful. Always a story…and not a cheesy, put on your tap shoes kind of story.

  9. Most of the Time, Bob Dylan- Most of the time I'm halfway content, Most of the time I know exactly where I went. Most of the time. I couldn't say it any better. God Bless Dylan.

  10. Come Pick Me Up, Ryan Adams- Harmonica, Harmonica, Harmonica. I wish you would. This was my first Ryan Adams song….not my last.

  11. Feelin’ Love, Paula Cole- I don’t think I want to explain this song. If you know it….you get it. Plus anyone that can work damn skippy baby into a song deserves a lot of play time.

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Scotty said...

Nice, nice list my friend. Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams---one of my favorite Ryan Adam's songs. And.. Buckley is almost default on any kind of list besides a 'these songs suck' list. I mean, am I right?