Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flugtag- what the?

My Saturday night consisted of going to Town Lake and watching the Red Bull Flugtag (pronounced floog-tag) USA. Yes, it's a competition of sorts and my stomach was hurting from so much laughter. It is what you call an Extraordinary Flying Contest. And extraordinary it was....this competition did not disappoint. Teams are judged on three criteria: distance, creativity and showmanship. What constitutes a craft is purely up to the imagination of the participating teams. And well, I learned on Saturday night that imagination is truly relative....Past Red Bull Flugtag entries have included a pregnant cow, a diaper-delivering stork, a pimped-out Cadillac, a giant Oompa Loompa, and yes folks -- a lobster named Larry. ALL being launched off a 30 foot flight deck.

The event in Austin was the first time that flugtag had gone nighttime in Northamerica. Yeah, Texas is always looking for ways to go bigger and better! (and maybe this is why they say everything is bigger in Texas?) Local team Skate and Destroy took home first place and soared into Red Bull Flugtag history on an enormous skateboard as they climbed their ultimate ramp and performed tricks off of the 30-foot flight deck before splashing into the waters below. At this point, those of you in Orlando are like....."what? Where the heck have you moved? It's not too late Colleen. Come back!!!"

All those involved in launching themselves off of this deck deserve an award of some sort. I wish you all could have seen this. You should checkout the website: http://www.redbullflugtagusa.com/Default.aspx

be prepared...flugtag may be coming to a city near you, get your flying machine ready!!!

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