Monday, December 1, 2008

Much better weekend....

Thanksgiving was a rough day, but I got through it. I always do. Woke up on Friday and wanted to start off fresh so I met my riding buddies Clark and Kim to ride the Progress route. What was supposed to be 50 miles, turned into 60. And the wind picked up and it got colder as the ride went on.....but thank goodness for friends! Especially Clark who stayed with me when the last 15 miles felt like I was cycling through mud. (I was having some IT band issues that day...needed to roll it out) Shared a few beers with them at the end of the ride and then was on my way.

Picked up a rental car, did a Target run.....and then was back home to relax and eat dinner.

Saturday was a church rehearsal for Sunday and then I ran a bunch of much needed errands. Another early night in as I wanted to start the Mad Men series. I have had a lot of friends tell me it's a good one to watch, so I rented the first season DVDs and put my feet up for the night.

Sunday was an early morning and onto church for some singing...the first service I saw some familiar faces...Carrie, Eddie, Jodi, Jonathan, Terra and Zane! Sang all 3 services and then headed home to change so I could go for a 7 mile run. I NEVER run with my iPod as you can't race with them, but decided to throw it on as I had gotten a few new CDs via iTunes. I wanted to escape for the 7 miles and take a listen. Not worried about time as I have a Half Marathon next weekend, just an easy 7 mile run. Started out with listening to this album:

She is totally rockin, especially Track 2 with vocals and bass. Delicious. Check her out, you won't be disappointed. Of course, once again a UK artist has done it! Then for the last 3 miles I turned my iPod to shuffle and Beyonce's new "Single Ladies" song came on. I am not normally a fan of Beyonce' fact, I can't remember why I downloaded this song? But this song made me pick up the pace and I couldn't get the catchy chorus out of my head all night long. (just ask Sam) It's my new favorite jam and apparently my friend Kennys says the entire album is worth buying...I am not sure if I will do this just yet but at least I can shake it to this is the video. Who doesn't want to dance around in a onesie like this?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I HATE videos like that... women prancing about wearing NOTHING... but boy I wish I could have that bod!!!! Glad you have had a few good days of chillin'