Friday, August 8, 2008

TGIF.....John Edwards

I got a phone call on the way home from work from my good buddy Brett...met him at the Bike Ride in Iowa...called to let me know John Edwards had finally admitted to the affairs with the movie producer. See below.

In the interview, Edwards says he lied repeatedly about the affair with a 44-year-old woman while his wife struggled with cancer. He denied he is the father of the woman’s child. (however he has NOT taken a paternity test yet)

The woman, Rielle Hunter, had run a firm that directed four Web videos for Edwards’s political action committee in 2006. Hunter had a daughter in February. She didn’t put a father’s name on the birth certificate filed in California, according to the Associated Press. Andrew Young, an aide to Edwards, has claimed to be the father. (hmmmm.....that one seems strange)

Let the mudslinging begin folks! It's election year!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

Oh, and John, be prepared for ANY woman in America to flip you off, curse at you, throw sharp objects at you because the man who was "standing by his woman" while undergoing treatment, made your bed (apparently with 44 year old Rielle) now lie in it.

And if McCainn wins? You will probably blamed for that too as this is going to shake up the Democratic party.

Nice. Really nice. McSame it is!!!

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