Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My life according to Tom

My good friend Tom sent me this when he heard of my upcoming trip to London...

"Seriously. Sneak me in your bag. I'll affect a glorious English accent and no one will be the wiser. Are you going to be there for three weeks?? No wait, let me guess...you'll be in London for four days, then whisked away to the south of France for tea with the Prime Minister. Then, you're off to Shanghai to present the medals at the end of the men's marathon event. From China you'll hop down to New Zealand, where you'll talk with Peter Jackson about an upcoming movie based on Lance Armstrong, in which -- if things fall into place -- you'll play the new love interest. While in New Zealand, you'll do a bike across the country event, raising awareness for both the LAF and the new movie, and at the end of that, you'll head to Tibet for a one-on-one with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, where you'll advise him on upcoming human rights work to be done with China. From there, a quick stopover in Sao Paolo for some much-deserved surfing, after which you'll return home."


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