Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The slowest paid runner in the world....

I have a couple of exciting weeks coming up! I have been saying that it has been hard getting back into running as the Ironman burnt me out BUT as you will see, in the next few weeks I will be forced to lace up those Asics.

Yes, that right...I am headed to Portland tomorrow for the 197 mile Hood to Coast relay. What is funny about this is I was supposed to and take a team of 12 to do this event with Team LIVESTRONG. Notice I said take...not run. Well, one week ago I had a runner come down with pneumonia and she cannot make it, so who is the alternate? Yup...me. I am now the 12th member of this team and will be running 3 legs of this race....totaling 18 miles. I guess that is one way to get thrown back into running. At least the scenery will be pretty...and the finish is on none other than the Goonies beach....what could be more perfect?

I arrive back next Monday, have a few days to do laundry, unpack and then re-pack. On Thursday, August 28th...I board a plane for....

That's right. I am headed to London to represent the LAF at the Human Race. I will spend 4 days with the Nike folks and in getting the LIVESTRONG word out internationally. It is really exciting to be a part of this event on a global level! I will run the 10k on August 31st in London...spend a few extra days sightseeing, and then return back to Austin!!

So two weeks, exciting places and I will be running 'for the LAF'.

And there you have it....I am the slowest paid runner in the world.


kat said...

have a great couple of weeks. i am totally jealous (not of the running part though.)

hopefully we can catch up soon!

Coach Bill said...

next year call me - I will run Hoood to Coast - does LAF want to sponsor a team for the Ragnar across FL relay - we will be running 191 (or 198, whatever) with 6 master runners???