Friday, July 11, 2008

Really? That is what you have to ask me?

I have been working at The Lance Armstrong Foundation for almost 2 months now and I can't even begin to express how much I LOVE my job! New challenges each week, a lot of personal growth, tons of inspiration and a great team to work with and for! It's a dream to be 33 and know that the job I have...could be a pretty long term commitment for me!

What is funny to me are the questions that said friends and acquaintances choose to ask, Do you think he was a doper during the Tour? Is he really dating Kate Hudson? How long do you think that will last and my personal favorite...Is he really an asshole? ("he" being Lance of course)

Let's clear some things up...I am NOT his personal assitant nor the leak to US Weekly Magazine, I work with Grassroots Fundraising...I help those that want to raise money for the Foundation that will fulfill the manifesto: Unity is Strength. Attitude is Everything and Knowledge is Power. The Foundation strives to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors, increase research funding and advance cancer prevention methods. Bottom Line...that is what I help see through.

Let's look at the facts...Lance right now could be in France enjoying the Tour as the former 7 time winner BUT this weekend he will be in San Jose for the LIVESTRONG Challenge riding 100 miles with supporters.

No wonder Armstrong gets frustrated that there is so much focus on other things - namely, doping accusations and girlfriends. Whatever he is - or whatever you think he is - there remains this truth: Probably no other athlete has used his fame to do more for society. Armstrong has raised $250 million through his foundation. He has brought hope to millions who suffer from cancer and its effects. He has helped shape national health policy. These are enormous accomplishments.

When it comes to the Foundation and Lance all I have seen is 150% commitment to raising awareness and cutting deaths from cancer. He loves the work that the Foundation does and he won't quit until leadership starts providing funding to see research through.

Armstrong is climbing a different mountain now...and it is amazing to be a part of that fight every day.

The Hollywood gossip has gotten out of hand...rather than wonder what he is doing in his personal life (which is personal) how about you go and purchase some LIVESTRONG gear where 100% goes back to the Foundation or sign up for a LIVESTRONG challenge near you? That might be better use of time....I can help you with that, but I can't keep up with the accusations and gossip.


crabby said...

What good are you then? Just kidding! I think it's great you love your job and I agree that it's really sad more people don't look at all the good he has done.
Congrats on scoring a great job!

kat said...

of course he would rather stay in california than go to france for the tour...kate lives in malibu. san jose is just a hop, skip and a jump away. now it all makes sense. they were playing tennis earlier this week to warm up for his ride. :)

it's amazing what he has done though. makes you wish others who have his star power would step up and do the same thing.

okay - contrary to what you might think after reading this response, i have been working a lot this week (and exercising!) i think i have found an ounce of collivation.

Coach Bill said...

good thing the folks at Slowtwitch do not know where yoou work - they would be bugging you about when Lance is going to race an IM :-)