Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KT...you are so right.

Was chatting with an old friend today and telling her about my week (she called to send well wishes on the Ironman, she could tell I was down and out...got out what I needed to and then she sent me this.

"Why waste your energy on those who treat you with disregard when there are so many others who want to give you the world?"

So true. I am focusing on the wrong things. People make mistakes...me being one of them and I can't let myself feel like the bad person anymore. I am pretty easy to talk to when it comes to things like this and I always want to grow and learn like the rest of us. But disregard sucks and it doesn't feel good. However, I should focus on those that want to give me the world...and thankfully there are so many of you out there.

Time for some goal setting cause I get motivated by that.

Thanks KT...you are a good friend!

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