Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life is precious

I guess sometimes it is true...death comes in 3's.

First was Allan Goldberg, a former employee of the Lance Armstrong foundation that lost his battle with cancer on June 22. He was 40, a triathlete and two-time cancer survivor who was executive director of a nonprofit organization that introduced young cancer survivors to outdoor adventure sports. Allan defined the word survivor. He battled this disease for more than 20 years. He spent his life giving back and helping others. He lived strong each and every day.

Second was Michael Argall- an athlete and coach in the Austin community that was killed when hit by a car whle riding his bike this past weekend. His memorium is here. I knew him briefly with the marathon training group I started with this past fall and then met him again at the church I attend. He was 45, an incredible man and leaves 3 children that are 21, 18, and 14. So very sad...but no one can say he did not live his life to the FULLEST.

And third was a letter that I opened up last night. I had adopted a little girl, Rosemary, from Uganda through an organization called World Vision. This organization helps villages in Africa by teaching them how to build community, AIDS awareness and providing education. Rosemary was 7 and she passed due to health issues. When I got the was tough...I had never met her, but looked forward the letters I would get from her.

Don't go to bed angry because no one is guaranteed tomorrow. No one.

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jimandjenn said...

Thanks for sharing this - it's good to be reminded every once in a while that our time here on earth is short and we need to make the most of every moment. I know we don't talk very often on the phone - but know that I think of you often and pray for you. I am so thankful for our friendship - and sad that you live so far away from me. Would you happen to be interested in coming to Orlando in the end of August - there's a certain party that I would love for you to come to (for me and Jeremiah...) no pressure - just know that I would love to see you!