Friday, November 9, 2007

The Tortoise and the Hare

Yes folks, its that time to bring up my favorite Fable....the one where the slow man ends up taking the Victory. This is going to happen with my swim, I just know it, and I can feel it! (and today is a perfect example)

I went swimming at lunch today....1900 meters total, I am pooped but know it was good for me. There was a gentleman in the lane next to me, I noticed that he seemed to be in a race (with who I am not sure). But good Lord, the guy was breathing so hard in between strokes I thought it was Darth Vader in the lane next to me. Everytime we would start out swimming at the beginning of a set, I could tell he was trying to beat me. I just stuck with the plan. Use the Touch, Pull and Roll, count my strokes and relax. The water is your friend. He was being coached by the same lady as I was and was doing the same workout. In the end, I finished 150 meters ahead of him, all because I followed the simple rule of:

"Slowly does it every time!" said the Tortoise.

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