Friday, November 9, 2007

Ironman Coach....check.

Yesterday was a huge day for me as I sat down with what I was hoping would be my Ironman Coach starting in January. She is what I like to call...the coolest 46 year old, soccer-mom-Kona-age-grouper-bad-ass. In other words, she juggles 3 kids, a husband, training for Ironman, going to Kona....THREE TIMES,....she is super-duper cool. Her name is Jennifer Reinhart and she coaches with Texas Iron.

We got to sit down for lunch yesterday and I went home very happy! We talked about goals, we talked about the dedication it will take to get there. It was really amazing! I never thought I would be to this point of trying to conquer a 2.4 mile swim (which by the way is going really well and I am feeling AWESOME), a 112 mile bike (no problem folks) and then a marathon. (yes, that is 26.2 miles)

I know that I can do this. Everyone has their own insecurities with training for something like this and I tend to beat myself up over and over again. But when I left yesterday, I knew that Jen was going to push my limits and see me through my very first Ironman.

She has this really amazing positive vibe about's just awesome!

I can mark that off my checklist. Got my Ironman coach, I am ready to rock!

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