Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gotta Get Back

It was a great weekend, lot's of emotion, good racing, great weather, Northern California, my final TNT event....my mind kept going back to you and then as my iPod was on shuffle on the flight back from San Jose....Shelby's song came on and the lyrics were exactly how I was feeling...

I can almost touch you now
flying above the clouds
in a big ol' plane
I can't wait to hold you and see you again
tell you where I've been

I can almost kiss you now
when I close my eyes I feel your
lips on mine
it's so hard to fight what I
feel inside, for you

Gotta get back do I do
Gotta get back do I do I do
Gotta get back do I do
Butterflies take control me
why's this airplane go so slowly
Flutter faster take me home to you

I can almost see you now
is my imagination foolin' me somehow
flying through the lining of a silver cloud
I'm gettin' closer now

I can almost hear you now
oooh saying you love me
like you know how
I wish this plane would just reach down and
touch the ground
I swear I see you now

It was great getting to the airport, seeing you waiting and then a smile.

yeah...it's that bad friends. It's that bad. You can all vomit now.


sam i am said...

Im so blessed

Aldi26 said...

Wow, and I've lost another one to Relationship Town.

If I find a way back to Austin soon can he introduce me to some other great guys on the team? I do have a thing for guys that race bikes! :)

SLO-Diggity said...

so happy for you my friend.