Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hood to Coast- take 2!

I got back last night from Portland and a really amazing weekend at the Hood to Coast event. This was the second time Team LIVESTRONG took on this 197 mile relay. To read more about the Team experience, you can go to the LIVESTRONG blog Mr. Tom Whiteside, a new LIVESTRONG employee wrote a wonderful blog on this great experience. I think the best way to do this event is to NOT know those who are going to be in your van. It's the second year we have done that and its worked out beautifully both years! I mean, do you really have 11 other friends you could spend 17+ hours with while running across Oregon and then add in sleep deprivation? In fact, we witnessed some teams that had some not so nice confrontations. not with Team LIVESTRONG, it's complete love and friendly competition.

Speaking of competition...the numbers don't lie, so rather than you searching on the site, I will just post for you all to see.

Livestrong1 27:29:14
Livestrong2 28:42:01
Livestrong3 29:43:59

yes, you guessed it. I was on LIVESTRONG 1. And we totally rocked it. Ok, the other 11 folks rocked it. I showed up with a stress fracture and muddled my way through 14 miles. But we still won with 11.5 runners.

Next up...Austin Triathlon this coming weekend.

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