Friday, June 27, 2008

A thanks to my sponsors...

While every Pro triathlete has to thank all those companies that got them to the finish line and endorse the products they make, whether they believe in them or not...I have to say...thanking my sponsors is much much easier because they are people and faces that helped me believe when I could not. I have posted some pictures of those that walked me through my weekend...a few others that I should mention that come with no pictures. Randy and Naomi for watching my sweet Eloise while I was gone and for the SAG on my final 112 mile bike ride. I will NEVER forget that. To Amanda F. for always letting me gab and for the super sweet plane package...I loved the trashy magazine the most! To Beijing for the sweet CDs and tunes that came in very handy when I needed to escape. To Stephanie for the cross necklace so that I would remember to have a little faith this weekend...I look forward to ACL this September and I also look forward to your journey to your first Half Ironman. And to Sam for getting my bike ready, for the leg and foot massages on those long workout weekends, for sitting by the computer and watching me cross the Finish Line, for all the crazy support in the last two months...I am sure you are wondering why you would meet someone in the last few months of her Ironman training, but you NEVER complained and you put up with all the emotions (and trust me, I was very emotional)...I love you. I am covered. Covered by people that help me reach the goals I place out there for myself. I will continue to think about this past weekend and all the athletic and personal things it taught me. It is very cool to say that I am an IRONMAN! Who is ready to sign up with me in 2010?

this is Shelley, I know she wanted to be in Idaho but the time she took beforehand and the new luggage she got for me was awesome! Thanks for all your support lady even though my schedule didn't allow a lot of time!!

a gift from my girls...purchased at a silent auction before I even worked for the LAF. This is so precious and I can't wait to hang in my new apartment!

My girl Kat that sent me a goodie bag of things I might 'need' during the Ironman! You make me smile...thanks for sending that!

Heidi, Robin & Andrea that cheered me on every step of the way....I love them for making the trip from Florida to see me race!

Heather and her son, Zach, made the trip from Seattle...she is a dear dear friend that I got to know while singing at Disney. It meant so much that she drove to see me on my day...with kid in tow. You will never know Heather how much that meant to me!!

who needs ASI photo when you have Andrea? Seriously...she is an AMAZING photographer and had like 12 cameras with her for the day...I am so greatful to her for capturing many many moments!!

I had to include this one...yes, that is Robin & Andrea putting their beers into large plastic soda cups from the gas station. Do you see why we are friends?


kat said...

i hope you found good use for those supplies! :)

all the support from your great (if i do say so myself) friends is a testament to who you are. seriously. you rock.

jimandjenn said...

Yay! I am so proud of you! And I agree with Kat - You are an awesome person, hence you have awesome friends!

Missychel said...

Congrat on your MDOT!!! You rule.