Thursday, October 16, 2008

love it that he loves me.

I normally don't blog on Sammy.....but I can't say enough of how wonderful, amazing and giving he is.

I got back from a long work trip and he had taken great care of miss Eloise, he had cleaned the apartment, had dinner waiting and had two tickets to Marc Broussard on the 24th plus a brand new journal for me. We went to see the MB show the very first week we were's not his favorite band, but its mine....he is one of the most self-less people I have ever known.

I am super lucky.


Anonymous said...

so glad sammy got a shout out....looking forward to when i can give those out myself :-)

jimandjenn said...

Awe - what a cutie :) And self-less guys are the way to go - I married one of them and he is still as self-less as the day I met him. He gets up at night to do the diaper changes - how awesome is that?!!!! We just celebrated 7 wonderful years yesterday and I love him even more today :) Love you and miss you girl!